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August 28th USA (29th NZ) & SEPTEMBER 5th USA (6th NZ)

Patronize Me: Creating a killer fan funding profile to support your music life.

You can’t pay the rent with your follower count… but you CAN turn those followers into fans who are jumping over themselves to financially support you and your music!


Monetizing your fanbase just takes a little time and creative thinking - something you’re already great at.


In this two-part interactive workshop series we’ll help you:


  • Choose your ideal platform 

  • Create tiers that suit your style of creativity

  • Build out promotion pillars for each tier to grow your patrons

  • Overcome insecurities and misnomers about asking for support


The fact is, music and the arts have been supported by music lovers for centuries. 


There are people out there who adore you and your music and want to support you, you just need to give them the opportunity.


The Patronize Me workshop series includes:


The Introductory Packet includes links to 10 video sessions so you can define your personal brand story, what’s important to you, and who your audience is before the first workshop session.


In Workshop Session 1 we’ll explain the key differences between the patron platforms to help you choose the best fit, discuss the best way to structure your perk tiers, and best practices for setting up your patron profile.


The Planning Worksheet will be made available to all attendees at the end of the first workshop and will include exercises to nail your brand values, creative message, and target audience, plus examples of perks at every tier level so you can decide what you’ll offer your fans. 


In Workshop Session 2 we’ll discuss content marketing for each tier and how you can use social media to promote your perks and grow your patrons. The session will finish with time for Q/A so we can help with any issues that have come up.


Important dates:


Introductory Packet - when you sign up


Workshop Session 1 - Sunday August 28th, 9pm (London) / 3pm (USA Central time) / Monday 29th 8am (New Zealand time)


Planning Worksheet - at the end of the first workshop


Wrokshop Session 2 - Monday September 5th, 9pm (London) / 3pm (USA Central time) / Tuesday 6th 8am (New Zealand time)

Please note, if you can't attend the live sessions but are still interested in participating, registering for the event includes access to the video replays worksheets. 

Join Cassie Roma & Vanessa for this FREE TWO-PART WORKSHOP
"Patronize Me: Creating a killer fan funding profile to support your music life"

For questions, reach us here.

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